Sharpe Valves Series 80 High Performance Class 800 3-Piece Ball Valve

The NEW series 80 Standard port and series 89 full port 3-piece ball valves are designed for high performance, long cycle life and exceptional durability. The valves are fully compliant to API 608 Class 800 for sizes 1/4" to 2 1/2" and class 300 for sizes 3" to 4".

  • Unique stainless steel handle
  • Optional tamper proof locking device
  • Enlarged, heavy duty stem shaft for API 608 class 800
  • Integral fugitive emissions ports for monitoring systems and control (patent pending)
  • Superior stem seal configuration for leakage protection and improved environmental performance

We carry Sharpe Valves and Actuation Valves for Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada.