Spirax Sarco -VLM10 Inline Vortex MASS Flowmeter

Vortex technology is an excellent option in measuring a wide range of fluids including saturated and superheated steam, single phase liquids and other gases. With minimal programming, a vortex meter measures most steam, gas and liquid applications; minimizing your spares needs. The vortex sensor creates minimal pressure drop, typically 10 times less than an orifice plate meter.


The compact all-in-one solution



  • No leak path design insures safe measurement of steam
  • No separate flow computer or temperature sensor required
  • Precise and reliable mass flow accuracy of ±1.5% over a 20:1 flow range
  • Monitor flow and health of meter through web interface
  • No moving parts for reliable long term use without need for recalibration
  • The knowledge to provide effective solutions and support for our customers
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