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EMCO Flow Systems has been in the metering business for over 45 years with field proven flowmeters offering solutions for measurement including industrial inline vortex, industrial insertion vortex and turbine, and variable area flow products. Now part of the Spirax Sarco group of companies, our global network of over 1,300 dedicated industry engineers in 34 different countries, and with over a combined 150 years of experience, we can give you access to the expertise and resources you need to improve the performance of your plant, comply with legislation, meet environmental goals and stay ahead of even the most intense competition.

Spirax Sarco's range of precision flowmeters for liquid, gas, and steam applications provide a wide range of metering solutions to diverse industries, including the military, hospitals, universities, and many Fortune 500 companies.


Our years of accumulated experience have enabled us to develop and nurture an in-depth expertise for the proper control and conditioning of steam. Our experienced field personnel work closely with design, operations, and maintenance engineers, continuously evaluating ways to improve productivity. Often, these solutions pay for themselves many times over.

We operate four U.S. training centers in Allentown, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Blythewood, SC. All have on-site steam systems providing hands-on training.

Education programs include the theory of steam, the application of steam products, and plant design and system efficiency, to name just a few. Programs can also be tailored to individual needs.

Thousands of engineers complete our training programs each year and return to continue broadening their knowledge of steam systems.


Whether it's a spare part, a steam trap station, a complete plant room package, a blowdown valve or a complete boiler house, Spirax Sarco has all the building blocks to provide the complete system - one stop shopping for the steam and condensate loop.

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Featured Products

  • Spirax Sarco -VLM10 Inline Vortex MASS Flowmeter

    Vortex technology is an excellent option in measuring a wide range of fluids including saturated and superheated steam, single phase liquids and other gases. With minimal programming, a vortex meter measures most steam, gas and liquid applications; minimizing your spares needs. The vortex sensor creates minimal pressure drop, typically 10 times less than an orifice plate meter.


    The compact all-in-one solution



    • No leak path design insures safe measurement of steam
    • No separate flow computer or temperature sensor required
    • Precise and reliable mass flow accuracy of ±1.5% over a 20:1 flow range
    • Monitor flow and health of meter through web interface
    • No moving parts for reliable long term use without need for recalibration
    • The knowledge to provide effective solutions and support for our customers
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  • EMCO Flow Systems MassTracker Insertion Turbine Mass Flowmeter

    The MassTracker™ Insertion Turbine Multi-Variable Flow Meter excels at measuring flow of difficult media such as steam, gas or liquids in wide-ranging line sizes. This versatile instrument combines measurement of mass or volumetric flow, density, temperature and pressure in just one instrument.

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